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Boston Bombing Investigation - FBI Does Bomb Sweeps Just Before Race

An interesting compilation of information about the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Includes some recently discovered evidence of video tampering by news feed providers.  Begins with a news report confirming again the bomb drills and "sweeps" incorporated into the marathon, but later denied and obfuscated repeatedly by the FBI.  Pictures of the Craft mercenaries in operation, etc..

The FBI's Role in Boston Marathon Bombing and "Bomb Drill"

Bomber Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Alive, Naked, And Handcuffed

FBI Psyop Press Conference - Boston Marathon Bombing Coverup in Full Swing

Mercenaries Carried Boston Bomb - PROOF Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack

Boston Marathon Witness Interview -- Police Told Us Bomb Drill Was In Progress.


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